About Fizbeaux

Who We Are

Fizbeaux.com saves home sellers money by coaching and equipping them with information, tools and services that enable them to buy and sell houses directly.

We're different from other local companies by providing easier to use and more advanced tools for both homeowners and homebuyers.

By selling directly, homeowners can control costs and fees, recouping their home equity. Fizbeaux.com charges about $100 on average for its wide range of advertising, listing services and related information and tools. A homeowner selling a $300,000 home through a real estate agent would be charged a 6% commission and pay approximately $18,000, plus additional fees.

Our Mission

Our mission at Fizbeaux is to change the way local for sale by owner properties are listed and found. We aim to build easy to use tools that empower both sellers and buyers.

List Your Home Today!

We spent plenty of time making sure our listing tools were the best and easiest to use. Don't spend all day trying to get your listing up. Go from start to finish in under 5 minutes. If you have any problems, help is always right around the corner.

So gather up your photos and start thinking of a price. List your home today with Fizbeaux.

We're different.
Let us show you why.

Why Use Fizbeaux?

  • Advanced Tools

    We have advanced listing and searching tools built specifically for the FSBO experience. No more messing with clunky search engines or hard to read listings.

  • Instant Exposure & Updates

    No more waiting to update photos or other information. You can upload new photos, change pricing information and other details in real time!

  • Helpful Guidance

    We provide extensive guides and forms to help you navigate through the process of selling your home. You won't be left in the dark guessing what comes next.

  • Privacy

    All personal information is kept private. Your email address is never shown and you have the option to provide your phone number.